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JUST RELEASED! Click Album Cover to Listen!

JUST RELEASED! Click Album Cover to Listen!

SINGLE OUT NOW: Click Butterfly Above to Listen!

SINGLE OUT NOW: Click Butterfly Above to Listen!

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“You'd be hard pressed to find a more emotive and authentic piece of Americana than Heretofore's 'East of It All'. If you have an affinity for music that is stripped back from an over emphasis of post production layering, this project's raw and pure authenticity to its performance will be a joy to hear.””

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Heretofore is the name of both the solo and band musical projects of singer/songwriter Justin Jay. Justin's primary focus is honest, original music that crosses into several genres--sometimes in the same song. In his own words:

"I believe in creating music as raw and honest as humanly possible. I'm here to capture the songs as they come and then, only after the fact, I hope they resonate with people. Music is the only universal language, and the human condition is our only universal reality . . . the combination of these two things is my permanent trip and what I strive for as an artist."

He has put out multiple singles and videos, and is releasing a full-length EP in August 2021. Additionally, an acoustic EP is slated to be released in 2022. He currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.

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